IMG_0970Getting up early … 5am and we’re on the bus route to the border. Hopefully we can take a nap during the journey. Oopps, noooo …. This road has so many bumps, holes and curves … it´s impossible to fall asleep. In addition the bus is plenty and we cannot use the two seats to be more comfortable, ok, relax and patience!!

DCIM111GOPROAs Belize City is not so interesting we went straightforward to a boat that takes us to Caye Caulker, sailing fast in turquoise waters among islets and cays full of palms and mangroves. This seems paradise. We have no booking on arrival, so we move to find a not very expensive place to spend a couple of nights. Again speaking English … former British colony and only a few of them speak Spanish.

Belize is rather more expensive than Mexico or Guatemala, a single room close to the most populated DCIM111GOPROarea of Caye are about 30 USD a night… and a beer is twice than usual, 5 $Bz, i.e. 2.5 $USD… ookkk!!! We cannot afford to stay longer here; our budget can enter into danger. After studying prices, we can afford 2 nights and scuba diving is also too expensive for us, so we go for some snorkeling in a DCIM111GOPRObooked excursion, the full day seems really nice because they take us on a sailboat. I wish to have a sailboat.

Finally!! It´s time to rest. While having some beers they offer lobster and barracuda to eat. As usual the price is not economical, compared to those we are used to. Fuck!!! One day is one day … Go ahead!!!!! …Yummy!!! …The seascape is really nice from this terrace… you agree? Today we´ll have a relaxing day, walk in the caye (it´s not really very big, in just 2 hours you can walk all around) … a quiet dinner and waiting for next morning.

DCIM111GOPROThe Sailing Snorkel Tour is 70 USD per person with food, some fruit, water, well all included … Not really cheap, but it´s worthy. Just leaving the mooring we deployed the sails, the wind was favorable and the way to the so-wanted first place of immersion was very, veryDCIM111GOPRO nice. When we finally went into the water for the first time our excitement was great, there were thousands of tiny fishes and corals everywhere around us … and there was even a manta ray which we chased for a while … Incredible!!!

Shortly after we got close to some fishermen. DCIM111GOPROThey were cleaning their catch, comprised of some fish and shells. They will sell it later, in restaurants or just on the beach. They were throwing out the discards, so they were surrounded by manta rays, sharks and even a turtle. This stop was not in the plan as we are not in the marine reserve yet. However the captain told us sometimes they make this extra snorkel when they see fishermen cleaning the fish. As we say in Spanish “Una imagen vale más que mil palabras!!!” … (A picture is better than a thousand words!!!)

IMG_0982Lunchtime, delicious, even with tropical juices … only a small problem … to get into the water again with our plenty stomachs perhaps it’s not the best idea. We remember our mothers when we were kids, saying: “do not swing after eating, wait for 2 or 3 hours”. Anyway, we will make an effort, it is swimming with sharks. That´s incredible!!!

We still have the last dive. We are somewhat icy, but we paid a looooot to be here, we cannot stay on the boat slacking … come on!! Water again. This last dive is in a natural canyon in the middle of the reef. It´s the pathway used by boats and divers to reach the outer side of the 2nd world’s largest coral barrier. We split into small groups and take a walk spotting more manta rays, parrot fish, moray eels, butterfly fish 4 eyes, fish fire, snappers … The cold stream is awkward, but again on the boat we can warm up with a cubalibre (rum&coke) and shrimp ceviche to liven up our return to the harbour, again booming and full sail.

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IMG_1032-cropIt was a unique day. Unforgettable for us … we are euphoric!!! We do not mind the blackout that left the whole city in darkness for hours… today we´ll sleep dreaming of the sea and a sailing ship playing with the blue waves …

This is the end of our days in one of the paradises in the Earth. We will overnight in Punta Gorda. It’s getting late and there is no transport to take us to the new destination, we head for Rio Dulce (Guatemala).

IMG_1034The Ferry that takes us from Punta Gorda (Belize) to Livinstong (Guatemala) costs Bz$ 50 and at there is a fee to leave the country the border to exit there is a fee (Bz$ 37.5). No problem, we are coming back to cheaper stuff…

PS1: Thanks Maria. We are using a lot your gift; we love the GoPro you gave us!!

PS2: Thanks Gloria. We bought a laptop with the money you gave Victor and we can tell our adventures in this blog.

Special thanks to our brother Jose for helping us with the english translation of this post. Thanks!!!


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