Oct.29, today we saw the snow… what a beautiful picture!

Quebec is the oldest city in North America, it was founded in 1608 by the French. According to the travel guides, it is also the most beautiful, and they might be right indeed…

Chateau Frontenac will catch your attention as soon as you arrive; it is really a huge hotel and not a castle. Even though it looks like, it was never a castle actually. The city is completely walled and walking  through its streets (and hills) is a pleasure.

Not too far from the city you’ll find Montmorency Waterfalls, the tallest in Canada. We visited the place on a sunny and beautiful day. Cool!

We cannot forget the lovely Ms. Vivian; we just met her asking for some directions in the street and she showed us some less known spots in Quebec. People like her make this world a beautiful place.

If you come to Quebec do not even think about visiting the “Huron Indian Village”. Apart from being 1 hour bus + 1/2 hour walk away, you’ll notice it is a complete fake as soon as you arrive. A couple of rickety tipis and two overweighed tourist guides wearing jeans and feather hats… pathetic. To worsen things, it started pouring rain and we spent 1 hour and a half enjoying Canadian rain water and cold. Yes buddies, not all days can be perfect. WHAT A FUCK! That day we had a couple of beers to finally put down our bad mood.

We discovered if you bring empty cans to the supermarket, you will receive some coupons; it is 20 cents per each can, so you can already imagine Ruti and myself collecting cans all the place around. We get a couple of bucks to spend buying some food, homeless-like style!

We must mention people from Maeva Hostel; together we laughed and shared our travels, dreams and good moments. They are: Fabián and Lilly, the Korean, Stephanie, Priscilla, Steven and the others. Thanks for such a good time, we’ll keep in contact guys!

We are now heading to Winnipeg, in the middle of Canada; two days and a half in a train are waiting ahead. Such a huge country is Canada!

.Special thanks to Esteban for the translation into english of this post. Thanks a lot.


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