Not for handicapped people… Subway works good and fast, but you won’t find neither escalators nor elevators in most of the stations. We already know we are not handicapped (actually, a bit mentally handicapped we’d say) but carrying huge backpacks is also tough.

Everybody speaks a perfect French, even the small children, MON DIEU!

We made some new buddies at the hostel (Hi Hostel Montreal), which was really well organized and we were even able to cook and save some money (restaurants are really expensive in Montreal, as it was in Toronto, Mon Dieu).

Apart from the prices, the city is really nice; it really looks like you are in a Northern Europe city, except by the fact in Montreal you’ll find long underground tunnels full of stores and malls; they allow you to move around the city without walking up in the cold streets during winter time. Yes guys, we have faced cold: coat, globes, scarf… we wonder how many clothes will we need to wear when we move up to the North.

The old Montreal with its paved streets and stone buildings is really beautiful. It is surprising how old buildings and new skyscrapers live together, or how does the NotreDame cathedral stands among those huge edifications.

It’s been two long days walking, but we’ve been able to see everything we wanted. Montreal views from MontRoyal Park were amazing and also the park itself was really nice with all the trees dressed with the Fall colors.

The suitcase we used to bring our winter clothes is now dead. RIP. Its already damaged wheels were not longer able to perform such a big effort. We beg for a Pray for it, it was a good fellow. From now on, we are carrying all of our stuff in the backpacks, which are now weighing around 200 tons!

We’re now at the bus heading to the beautiful Quebec.

Special thanks to Esteban for the translation into english of this post. Thanks a lot.


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