Viva Las Vegas

English Version : Viva las Vegas English Version

IMG_2643We have already arrived in Las Vegas… we are looking forward to see what this city has for us, after hopping from park to park we feel a bit like savages and we are a bit wary of going back to stay in a city, the asfalt, the concrete… Here everything has neon lights, everything is bright and flashy as if the whole city was a led screen, we are off to bed, we have to return the car tomorrow.

IMG_2436Going into the casino jungle, feeling fresh after a good rest from the trip, the Hertz office is in the Caesars Palace. Oh my God!! This is huge!! Where the hell is the parking lot where we are supposed to leave the car? We are lost… but finally, we find it and everything is good with our minivan! We go inside the casino… it is like a roman palace, any one of its emperors would have loved this
place, they mightIMG_2439have wondered about the slot machines and the black jack tables but everything else is really like it would have been in ancient Rome, the statues, the columns, the fountains… Oh boy! In this place one can drink and smoke everywhere! Here we go!…

In Las Vegas Blv one can find the most famous and luxurious casinos, after a long walk, visiting many of them we can say that the nicest ones are the Caesars Palace, the Belagio with its fountains,
the Flamingo with its gardens and flamingos, the MGM with its tv sets and the Venetian, this one is very impressive, its ceiling simulates the sky and it makes the night become day as we walk through its “streets” or “canals”.

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It is betting time! How does one do it? Does one need to be a member? Where is the slot IMG_2567to insert the coins? In the films people have a bucket with hundreds of coins… but that is a thing from the past, now it is only notes… so we ask for change to get a few 1$ notes and here we go! Playing
randomly, these slot machines are too complicatedIMG_2570 for us. Wow! He have bet 6$ and we got 41,65$!! Lets leave before we go crazy and lose everything!

Tonight is Christmas Eve, we are going to leave the motel as we have found a hotel with a private room that is even less expensive (60$ for two nights) and we are going to look for a chapel to see if we can celebrate our crazy wedding. We find the chapel area but we must ask and pay for a wedding license, crap! Too much bureaucracy and too much money… lets go for a few beers to think how we can do it…. There are a couple of bikers, let´s go inside! End resut: a crazy night, loca, loca, we talk to everyone in the bar, bikers and the lot, we got out of the bar a bit drunk to be honest…

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We would like to thank everyone in there, they were nice and understanding, they were patient with our english, they gave us advice about the city, the weddings and the chapels and they were kind
enough to take some photos and to pose with us. We also thank Sephora for the make up and the cologne….

IMG_2667Going back to the hotel we are unable to find a bus stop. What about if we do some hitchhiking? No one is going to pick us up… come on it is Christmas Eve! Why not? Someone stops and it is a really nice car!! A bit of music a nice trip around Vegas Strip with all the lights and very little traffic! It has been awesome! Let´s go to sleep, please, tomorrow is Christmas!!

It´s Christmas, sweet Christmas… after being half a day sleeping, we finally get up. We get a house and a flight to Orlando… our next stop is fixed… And what about the wedding? We call several
chapels, one of them does not have costumes, some of them do not allow the groom to be dressed as a woman, others do not allow marriages in Christmas day, in one of them we are told that the Marylin costume will not IMG_2681fit a man´s figure, there is one where weddings are held in spanish and they allow everything but it costs 600$… We thought it was going to be easier… let´s go see the famous Las Vegas sign, the Belagio fountains and on the way think of something else or try to find something cheaper.

Finally! We find something tailored to us, they can fulfill our requests and the price isn´t that bad… well this is the result, a crazy, crazy wedding. It seems that they have never seen a similar wedding, they all laugh and asks us whether we are french? No, we are spanish… Spain is different! Even the “priest” is almost laughing as he delivers his speech. Our happiness, our wedding dresses, our wigs and the gum rings… something to remember…

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Well, the party and the jokes are over, next stop Orlando, the Kennedy Space Center is waiting for us.

Thanks to Jose Luis Perez de Nova for the translation of this post.

We love you!!!


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